Cabernet Franc Tasting

WineWine Evenings 6th Edition
ianuarie 17, 2019
Sparkling Summer School – 2019
iulie 2, 2019

Cabernet Franc Pro Tasting

15 februarie , 2019

Cabernet Franc one of the oldest grape varieties. It can thrive well in a wide array of climate: cold (Canada), cool (Loire Valley, Friuli), moderate (Bordeaux), warm ( Napa, Villany, Mendoza, Central Valley, Tuscany, Minis) or hot (South Africa). It yields different styles of wines: rose in Anjou, sparkling in the Loire Valley, herbacious and flintey in Chinon, full bodied in Tuscany and Villany or sweetly textured ice wine in Canada. 10 wines ranging between 10-150 euro will be tasted. Pure enjoyment.